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Executive Vice Chairman NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta

GSM Users Hit 150m, 98.5% Phone users – NCC

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that number of GSM users in Nigeria is now 149,787120 and this represents 98.46 percent of total connected lines in the country.

According  NCC’s latest industry report for the month of November 2015, total connected lines in Nigeria’s telecom sector is 152,123,172.

The apex industry regulator also revealed in the report on its webpage that teledensity is now 108.66, 0.09 more than the previous month. Teledensity is calculated based on a national population of 140 million. According 2006 Last Census Population Figures.

Active lines in Nigeria were 152,003,124 for the month of October 2015, but the figure increased by 120,048 in November.

According to the data, 149,787,120 of the 152,123,172 active numbers subscribed to the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) network services.

The GSM operators increased their active customers by 103,861 as against the 149,683,259 subscribers they recorded in the mont  h of October.

The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators had 2,149,120 active users in November, indicating an increase of 18,775 from the 2,130,345 customers they had in October.

Also, the monthly subscriber data showed that the Fixed Wired/Wireless networks’ consumers reduced to 186,775 in November, as the operators lost 2,742 customers from the 189,517 users they had in the month of October.

Active subscribers June – November, 2015

Month November October September August July June
Subscribers 152,123,172 152,003,124 150,660,631 151,018,624 150,741,005 148,775,410
GSM 149,787,120 149,683,259 148,427,043 148,703,160 148,495,205 146,486,786
CDMA 2,149,120 2,130,345 2,042,015 2,125,941 2,057,519 2,105,981
Fixed wired/ wireless 186,772 189,517 191,573 189,523 188,281 182,643
Teledensity 108.66 108.57 107.61 107.87 107.67 106.27
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