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Browser Company Opera To Host Online Press conference For African Users

Browser company Opera will host an online press conference on Thursday February 4th at 2pm GMT for African user of the internet browser.


The company said Product Manager for Opera Max, Sergey Lossev will host the internet conference.

Lossev will detial the product and shares brand new data and information on Africa’s browsing habits and favourite apps.

Journalists interested in participating in this online press conference will be able to ask questions live via the internet.

Opera introduces Opera Max, a free VPN app that helps Android users in Africa manage and save data on streaming video, audio and photo-rich apps through both mobile and Wi-Fi connections.

Opera Max is the best solution for new Netflix viewers across Africa as Opera Max saves data on HTTPS videos without any significant loss in quality. It even reduces buffering on any connection, including crowded Wi-Fi networks. The data-saving technology can extend data plans by up to 50% for free.

Access to the internet can improve lives and entertain and research shows that internet usage are correlated with higher growth in per capital GDP.  However, due to high data costs and slow, congested networks, using the internet and its associated benefits may often be out of reach. Africa’s smartphone adoption in Africa has doubled over the last two years (http://www.apo.af/qttpst) data shows that many aren’t using their smartphone to its full capabilities due to the cost of data remaining prohibitively high.


Opera has been pioneering advanced compression technology for years. The famous Opera Mini browser is still Africa’s favourite browser and continues to increase its user base in Africa by tens of millions every year. Opera Mini users on Android have increased by over 70%  over the past year and in 2015 Opera Mini gave Africans over half a billion US$ (http://www.apo.af/xITddO) in data savings, thanks to its compression technology.

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