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Nigeria’s Telecom Operators To Shutdown Service In 7 States

Nigerian Telecoms operators have issued notice to Government and local communities that it will shutdown operation in states and localities where the people disrupt service and damage infrastructure.


Speaking to IT Journalists in Lagos on Thursday, Chairman, Association of Licensed Telecoms Operator of Nigeria (ALTON), Mr Gbenga Adebayo said operators cannot no longer watch areas boys, host communities interrupt nationwide communications in the guise of revenue generation, adding that the Association has continued to face multiple taxation in the country.

Some of the states, IT NEWS NIGERIA gathered includes Ogun, Akwa-Ibom, Ondo, and Ebonyi. Others are Osun and Kaduna States. Over 35 cell sites have been shutdown in Ondo State alone.

Speaking further, he added that the willful and deliberate interruption of services by host communities, local and State governments can no longer be tolerated.

According to Adebayo, operators will not reconnect services in places where the people deliberately shutdown services.

He noted that as a penalty to those hot spots and in order to restore service, the Association will increase tariff as a consequence of revenue loss or levy the State concerned for damage done to telecoms and for revenue losses. Telecoms will increase calls originating and terminating in those regions.

ALTON said various tiers of government want increased internally generated revenue (IGR) and they have set their eyes on telecoms industry especially as revenue from oil is dwindling.

All the operator want , he said is a presidential declaration that telecoms equipment and critical national infrastructure as provided by  the law.

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Responding to question about general impression that Telecoms is a cash cow and every one want s to get a share, Adebayo said the that insinuation is wrong . it is wrong because ALTON had 35 member when it started today members are less than 15, and indication that the business of telecoms is not rosy.


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