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WHy Tech Trends Is A Must For Entrepreneurs – Experts




  • Entrepreneurs require ‘Shark Instinct’
  • Staying on even when success is not in view
  • Learn from experts and successful entrepreneurs


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A successful technology entrepreneur has challenged young people and small business owners on Tech start-ups on key requirements to win


In the face new normal in business today, Nigeria entrepreneurs owe themselves the duty to move with current technological trends and avoid the pitfalls of overlooking the importance of technology in driving business growth.

Following the fast-paced advancement in technology which has heightened the threat posed by competition, visionary entrepreneurs should embrace, and keep up the pace to remain relevant in business and challenge market equity.

Infact, a renowned American technology expert and co-founder of Square, Jim McKelvey once said Nigerian entrepreneurs must commit to deployment of innovative technologies in achieving business enterprise successes. “They must embrace “The Shark Instinct and Smell Opportunities”

Mr. McKelvey, who is credited with some technological innovations, entrepreneurs owe themselves the duty to move with current technological trends.

As an entrepreneur you find opportunity, use it to solve problems. As you think about technology think about the problems and the many things you can solve with technology.

Founder,  Computer Warehouse Group(CWG) Plc, Austin Okere advise and SMEs to adopt what he calls the 3Ws. The first W, he said, is the WAY power; you learn whatever you want to do, if you have a passion for it, it is good, but learn the fundamentals so that you can be good at it. The second W is WILL power; when people say you should give up, you tell yourself no, let me keep trying and go the extra mile. My belief in entrepreneurship is, it’s not necessarily for the most brilliant or the strongest; it’s for the person that volunteers. You must have the WILL power to carry you on, even when people discourage you; you must not listen to the discouragement from people because he who does not venture to climb need not fear any fall, but there is little fun remaining down there when you can dare to go up. Failure for me is part of the experience. The last W is the WAIT power, which is just about patient to reap what you have sowed. As Nigerians, we are totally inpatient, and it shows even in the way we drive. If you have WAY, WILL and WAIT power, you will succeed in whatever you are doing in life.

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IT NEWS NIGERIA gathered that Entrepreneurs have challenged to painstakingly study what experts in related fields have done with a view to positioning their businesses in good stead but cautioned against unbridled copying of existing business models of some entrepreneurs, while stressing that such does not guarantee a repeat of success as conditions under which a model succeeded may vary from place to place.

Tech start-ups don’t have to start everything by yourself; there are others who have done such things before, so learn from them. Figure out yourself what they have done, but be cautious not seek to copy everything they did. The reason is that there are factors that enabled them to succeed some of which may not be available to you. No leader is going to be able to tell you how absolutely everything works.




List of Tech Start-ups in Africa 2015

Country Company
Nigeria Mavis Computel, Oga Venue,TalkingBookz, CarpartsNigeria, Zuvaa,SmartEdu, PoshRite, and iKon Tracker.
Kenya InsureAfrika, Abacus, SimbaPay, ENT-Mobile, Bitsoko, BambaPOS, Shield Finance and LipaPlus.
South Africa Edge Books, Bozza and Eco-mc2.
Cameroon Koomza and Feem Wifi.
Egypt LockName and Raye7
Ghana Flippy Campus and Zeepay.


IPC eProductivity and RoadRules


Ivory Coast:






Tango TV

Source: Demo Africa

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