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Nigeria Internet Registrar lists Keys To Running A Successful Blog

Staff Writer:
Many people would like to turn blogging into a business. Nigeria Internet registration Association (NiRA) has outlined below 5 things that could help a blog become successful.
*Niche topic – Investing in domain names and anyone can participate. There are few excellent blogs and websites covering the business of domain names but the number is quite small when compared to other businesses such as graphic design or web development.
*Field expertise – Field knowledge will allow you to share expert insight that others wouldn’t be able to provide. When you learn something or think something may be helpful to others, you will generally be willing to share that information.
*Frequency of articles – You must constantly write articles that you think would be relevant to readers. You must also do your best to write about current events and topics that are trending. If something happens that you think would be of interest to people in the business, you can generally publish an article stating your thoughts on the matter.
*Engaged audience – Just about every article that is published has insightful commentary from readers. Frequently, there are excellent discussions and helpful information shared in the comment section.

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