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Cyber Intelligence Company, Silex Secure Launches First CTF ISO

Silex Secure has added a value to cyber security community, enthusiast by developing it first Defense CTF ISO. The company which is so much passionate about cyber security in Africa has proved its commitment to contributing its quota in the development of cyber security in the continent.


The ISO was launched with the motive of promoting cyber security research, encourage technology student in the best way to safe guard the ICT infrastructure; and reward researcher in cyber security related filed.

Silex Secure has gone beyond services and training to prove to our community that our cyber security is more than ordinary implementing security policies. Over the years, we have proved to our community that vulnerability does exist; but we are embedding the vulnerability as a single ISO for every cyber security lover to download and test its capacity.

Today, we hope to make cyber security education and research much easier and more accessible, especially for students, with the release of our Capture the Flag (CTF) platform to open source on which provide a safe and legal way to try your hand at hacking challenges. This new platform also takes advantage of cyber intelligence component.

It will amaze you that it took us more than 6 months of research and constant hard work to come up with the first Defenc Space CTF. We didn’t want to develop CTF because it exist in other places, but we want to make ours unique because of the nature of our job above all we use these CTF to honor our fallen hero in the military who have fought to defend the integrity of our country Nigeria.

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The story line on the CTF are based on true life happening in Northern Nigeria, however we have adopted code name “Operation Lafia dole” , the cyber component of the operation to make the challenge more exciting to our players to puzzle the challenge. Exercise start from simple information gathering which is applicable to both military and cyber based operation to complex infiltration and encryption been used by intelligence agency around the world to pass out secret. The player module uses tools in kali Linux to achieve it result. Other related information is on Open Source Data “goggle it”. It has 7 flags to be captured but so addictive like a movie said “Oti Kebe” staff of Silex Secure.

Additionally, finding any security education resources pertaining to cyber security in Africa context is still a challenge. So, we built a free platform for everyone to use that takes care of the backend.

We hope to extend the task to other physical challenges in the coming months when we get sponsors. More information is available for download on our website http://ctf2017.silexsecure.com/. Also, we acknowledge James Bowel of SKYDog Security, your game Catch me if you can give us an insight to start developing our own ISO.

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