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What Smartphone Makers Can Learn From Resilient Nokia 3310

Edward Nnachi
The year 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. To many mobile enthudiasts, the issue of battery has been a disaster for a device with many Apps yet poor power backup.The online community is already beginning to be excited about the prospect of a solution.
The power of nostalgia once again reared its head as the return of the Nokia 3310 was officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. If you long for former times when reliability, resilience and a half decent battery ruled the mobile airwaves, then the announcement will be more exciting than anything Apple have to offer this year.
For around $50, you can get your hands on the resurrected 3310 with a few new features that might make it enough to secure the role as a second phone in your life. The new iteration has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a single camera with two megapixels, and a microSD slot. Fans of the game Snake will be hoping that the game does not lose any of its iconic charms in color.
Although the handset that was known for its sturdiness, the new phone is available in a glossy red and yellow colors for those that want to move away from the retro gray and dark blue matte schemes and is expected to be just as tough as its predecessor.
However, it’s the battery time that people remember most from the days before the infamous wall huggers existed, they can usually be spotted continuously scouring walls for a cheeky top up charge. For these reasons alone, Nokia fans will be pleased to hear that the new 3310 comes with up to a month’s standby time and will offer more than 22 hours of talk time.
HMD also promises that the new Nokia 3310 will be as durable as the 17-year-old original. But, before you go rummaging in your drawer for the Nokia pin charger of old, a microUSB will suffice for the phone with simplicity at its core.
The re-birth of the iconic phone was made possible after Nokia signed a strategic brand and intellectual property licensing agreement with HMD. The deal has enabled the company to create a new generation of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets.
Nokia has been one of the most iconic and recognizable phone brands globally for decades, according to HMD Global chief executive, Arto Nummela.
The next chapter in Nokia’s history begins with a digital makeover of the fan favorite. Boasting a slimmer and lighter casing with a full-color screen without sacrificing its remarkable long battery life or almost indestructibility could be enough to win the hearts and wallets of nostalgic users.
The love from the global community for a 17-year-old phone offers an insight into the state of the smartphone market. Consumers are no longer buying into gimmicks such as Live Photos to tempt people into upgrading to another $800 phone. People want an antidote to their first world problems such as battery life and dropping their phone from three feet to discover yet another cracked screen.
There is a market for a festival phone that stops revelers from having to queue for hours just to charge their phone. Whether it’s taking a long hike, camping trip or even working on a construction site, the Nokia 3310 will be seen as an ideal backup phone. There will also be appealing for those wanting to hide their shady activity and use as a burner phone too.
Nobody is suggesting to ditch their smartphones and go cold turkey from checking the ubiquitous social media timelines and email every two minutes that stand accused of enslaving smartphone users. But there is an argument that this would not be such a bad thing.
Our sentimentality for the past is always a fascinating subject. Do we now have too much choice? Are secretly longing for simpler times in a world that is dominated by technology? We can now stream unlimited songs on demand no matter where are and yet vinyl is the fastest growing music format.
Maybe, we underestimate how scary the digital transformation is for a large number of consumers. The change curve will see many retreating to what they know best while others rush forward with wild abandon in search of opportunity.
However, on this occasion, I think that most people realize that there are times when their $800 smartphone will not last long enough for that big hike or camping trip. Risking another cracked screen will also be a step too far. But, there is room for a cheap $50 iconic phone that is a little more robust than our high-tech devices.
In a world obsessed with smartphones, it’s important to remember that 145 million feature phones are expected to be sold in India alone this year. There is certainly room for both capability and affordability as smartphone costs begin to approach the dreaded thousand dollar marker.
Could a combination of the return of the Nokia 3310 and a self-awareness of being constantly face down in a smartphone prompt the birth of an alternative lifestyle that rejects the social media sites that invade every aspect of their life? Or will it be merely a handy second phone and cool piece of retro gadgetry for when we run out of juice?


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