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ACE Awards 2017 Organisers Announce Nominees

Organizers of African Creative Exhibition and Awards (ACE Awards), Bellafricana.com has announced a complete list of nominees for the 2017 maiden edition, according to a statement Wednesday.


Founder, of Bellafricana.com, Bukky Asehinde is quoted as saying that the move is in continuation of the role it plays in the Nigerian economy by helping as many quality creative small businesses be at the forefront of the market and to encourage those engaged in creating richer platforms.
“The complete list of Bellafricana ACE Awards nominees have been released and it is with great pleasure to see that well deserving brands made it on…Adding value and creating impact is a noble cause that should be awarded. This by no means undermines or belittles the efforts of the brands that weren’t nominated, far from it,” she said.

Furthermore, Asehinde said “why should we wait on financial backing from the government and big institutions to help this industry? When we can create a platform to connect these Afrocentric businesses, they are maximising raw materials in Nigeria (Africa), providing employment for local talents within the country and creating wealth for the Nation”.

The Bellafricana ACE Awards 2017 is the first of it’s kind and we have plans to stay while making it better each year.
The event is sponsored by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and proudly endorsed by the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) and Nigeria-Britain Association.
“While attendance to the event is FREE, coming for the dinner attracts a cost of ₦20,000 and a 25% discount if you are purchasing tickets for two or more.
“Bellafricana is not only aiming to award innovation and creativity, she is also trying to train and assist SMEs Nationwide to grow and be better than they are. The goal of this ACE Awards is to encourage more talents in Nigeria to look inwards, be original and create more globally acceptable brands,” Asehinde added.

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The Complete List of Nominees for Bellafricana ACE Awards 2017 are:

1) Best Indigenous Textile Designer
1. Mimiremi Textiles
2. Joke links
3. Adire Lounge
4. Nety Art
2) Best Emerging Beauty Brand
1. Nubian Roots
2. Shanyi Organics
3. Modara Natural
4. Semsey Skin Treats

3) Best Emerging Fashion Brand
1. JZO Fashion
2. The Potters Signature
3. Sara Porsche FootWears
4. Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi
5. Jewelry by ItoroOkon
6. Blingshiki
4) Best Creative Solution (ICT)
1. Anilingo by Iyin Creative
2. Paystack
3. Okada books
4. Art beat 100
5. Whizapp
5) Best Supportive Made-in-Nigeria Celebrity of the Year
1. Adekunle Gold
2. Kate Henshaw
3. Noble Igwe
4. Chidinma
5. YemiAlade
6) Best Eco-friendly Product Innovation
1. MitiMeth
2. Craftycle
3. Mide Pearl
4. Tajora Mats
7) Best Innovative Product of the Year
1. The Agaconcept
2. Not just pulp
3. August Secrets
4. Anilingo by Iyin Creative
8) Best Pioneer Craftsman/woman of the Year (Over 10 years)
1. Bimbeads Concept
2. Femi Handbags
3. Wood Crafts man
4. Siod Leather
5. Proverbs Creations
9) Best Food Produce Innovation
1. August Secrets
2. Matse Cooks
3. Sac Fruits
4. AACE Foods
5. Nellies
6. Omoalata
10) Best Creative Kid Entepreneur
1. Simi’s Bakehouse
2. Lekan Kid Barber
3. A. Team Clean
4. AzNaza
11) Best Creative Social Enterprise of the Year
1. Mama Moni
2. Haima Health
3. She Writes Woman
4. Cyberlogik Foundation
5. Kids Clean Club
12) Best Creative Kids Brand
1. Always me by Anne Li
2. Omose Kids
3. Tender Plus
4. Tomi’s Treats
5. Happy Pikin
13) Best Emerging Artist
1. Asah Bara
2. Art beat 100
3. Tiennette
4. 5and10Kraftzone
5. 2thpickart
14) Best Emerging Home & Lifestyle Brand
1. Abela World
2. Caxtonalille
3. Woods Worth Interior
4. Parliamo Bambini
5. Taeillo
6. Catyna Designs
15) Best emerging African Brand
1. Bayabs GH
2. Serenity Luxury Body Care SA
3. Babatree Baskets GH
4. Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative
5. ZikoAfrika KE
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