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NiRA Lifts Temporary Suspension On Domainking.ng



Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has announced within the week that it has lifted the temporary suspension on Domainking.ng, according to a statement from the body.

NiRA said “on Friday 24th March 2017, an official representative of Hannu Internet Corp PVT LTD, the manager of DomainKing.ng, informed the .ng Registry that since 20th March 2017, the organization had re-opened its support channels, commenced resolving clients’ queries and has commenced preparations for full operations as a .ng Accredited Registrar.”

It added that , the officer also reported how they are cooperating with their clients to provide them with support and other services beyond registering .ng domain names.

IT NEWS NIGERIA gathered that NIRA Board has evaluated and assessed the situation of Domainking.ng. Hannu Internet Corp PVT Ltd has responded to the .ng Registry within the allowed grace period with an outline on its dealings with its clients and its eagerness to return to full operations.

As from Monday 27th March 2017, NIRA has lifted the temporary suspension of Hannu Internet Corp PVT Ltd. However, the Registrar will not be able to register new domains for another two weeks, as the .ng Registry continues to monitor its activities and the way it resolves pending customer issues.

Please note that during the period that Domainking.ng was not available to attend to its .ng clients, those clients who requested for the transfer and renewal of their .ng domain names were able to do so.
Recalled, on February 27, NiRA shutdown an Indian based .ng ccTLD Accredited Registrar, DomainKing.ng for breach of obligation a Registrar owes its registrants. NiRA had taken a protective measure to ensure that the DomainKing.ng platform is temporarily not available for more Nigerians to make further payments.

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It added that “some of the complaints via emails and phone calls from the clients of DomainKing.ng borders on payments made via the DomainKing.ng website/platform without service being rendered by DomainKing.ng.”

Since 8th February 2017, has not responded to escalated support queries and emails from its clients forwarded to it by the .ng Registry.

The Registry had attempted severally since then and is still trying to contact this registrar via email, telephone, their online support system, social media platforms and postal services. 24th January 2017 was the last time this Registrar responded to the Registry via email.

Failing to respond to the .ng Registry is a breach of the Registrar Agreement DomainKing.ng signed with the (NiRA). Also DomainKing.ng’s failure to respond to its registrants is in breach of the obligation a Registrar owes its registrants.

Further sanctions will be applied against DomainKing.ng by 2nd May 2017 should the company not reactivate/attend/respond to queries/complaints raised by the registrants.

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