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What You Can Do With The New Google Assistant



The iPhone has Siri, but Google has a great voice-powered assistant of its own. Plus, it’s no longer relegated to the Pixel; you can get Google Assistant on a wide range of phones, including the Galaxy S7, LG G6 and other devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 7.0 Nougat. But what exactly can you do with Google Assistant?’
You can do over 20 things with the new Google Assistant, but here are a few of them. The more you use them the more addicted you’ll become.
Open apps with your voice
Let’s say you’re washing your hands, but you want to see your latest Google+ notifications. Just say, “OK, Google, open Google+,” and watch Google+ open. You can use this command to open other apps, including third-party apps, as well.
Get advice on where to eat, drink, dance or shop
It’s Friday night, you’re out with friends, but you’re clueless as to where you should go for dinner or dancing. Google Assistant can help: By way of a Nearby feature, you can find out what places around cater to whatever you’re in the mood for. Just ask Google Assistant to “show me nearby restaurants,” and finding that great new spot is just a tap away. Google Assistant gives you a list of restaurant names with the establishments’ star ratings; tap on a listing to get the address, directions and a link for calling the restaurant.
Have Google Assistant read you the news
It’s one thing for Google Assistant to deliver your favorite news, but how about getting the assistant to read the news to you each morning? You only have to tap the software home button; when the pop-up box comes up with the Google Assistant question, “How May I help you?” say, “Good morning.” Google Assistant will say, “Good morning, Deidre” (your name here), and give you the weather in your city as well as read the latest news from your customized news sources. You can also say, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening,” and get your news read, since Google Assistant is aware of each time of day.
Look up emails and appointments
Google Assistant’s greatest power is that it can draw information from other Google apps and services — including Keep, Calendar and Gmail — to provide information at a moment’s notice when you need it. If you fear you’ve missed any emails from yesterday, you can always ask Google Assistant, “Did I miss any emails from yesterday?” and the assistant will pull up emails that remain unopened.
Send a text message
Need to send a text message telling a friend or loved one you’ll be late to dinner? No problem. Just say, “OK, Google,” followed by, “Send a text message to (the person’s name).” From there, you can dictate the exact message you want delivered. Google Assistant will then ask you whether you want to edit the message or send it.
Play a game with Google Assistant
When you’re having trouble entertaining yourself, turn to Google Assistant for a little diversion. Just hit that software home button and tell Google Assistant, “I’m bored.” The assistant can tell corny jokes (such as a bunny’s favorite kind of music: “hip hop”) and play games such as solitaire or tic-tac-toe, but it can also surprise you with some random fun, such as funny or trending videos.

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