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KairoswebTV Transforms T o OnlineTV Solutions Provider




Like most tech giants, KairoswebTV (www.kairosweb.tv) is undergoing a significant transformation in its business as it moves to disrupt itself, becoming the predominantly digital onlineTV Solution Provider in Sub-Saharan Africa.


The platform, launched barely 15 months ago has transformed from offering an online television programming network to a dynamic onlineTV solution provider, with a pledge to enhance onlineTV experience on the Continent and make readily available affordable and hassle free Cloud based online television which  is the future of publishing and traditional broadcasting.


Speaking on the new development, Mr. Celestine Achi, founder of Cihan Group, owners of KairoswebTV, said that the state of the art Internet TV solution is immediately available for content creators, programmers, brands, religious institutions and governments who are constantly searching for new and highly targeted unique ways to reach their audiences, own and control their contents and monetize same, while offering the audience services with less hassles.


“It’s been over one year of digital transformation journey for KairoswebTV. In March 2016, we began an aggressive digital disruptive programme of innovative change in the media space that turned into a wildly successful multi-media platform.”


“So, what are we bringing on board now? Starting from NGN200, 000 one off payment, you can now own your OnlineTV. The television is about to become the latest medium to get a major makeover at the hands of the Internet.  Already more than half of Africa with Nigeria and South Africa in the lead are watching TV and surfing the web simultaneously. Media companies worldwide that are producing branded video content are about to experience tremendous growth. Cloud based online television is the future of publishing and traditional broadcasting. This is what KairoswebTV is now offering”

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CELESTINE ACH, Founder KairoswebTV

Speaking on a few of the lessons KairoswebTV has learned over their 15 months of transformation, Mr. Achi said that OnlineTV platforms need to innovate outside old structures.


KarioswebTV, a data cost-saving platform was launched in April 2016 to break the barrier of PayTv limiting the people from enjoying digital broadcasting.


Mr. Achi said that with the news additions, the Station has capabilities to train startups in the media space to embrace OnlineTV broadcasting or have OnlineTV channel embedded on their news portal.


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