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Central Mexico in ruins as 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the country

Massive 7.1 Earthquake Hits Mexico, Over 200 Dead





216 people have been killed and still counting after central Mexico was struck by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that destroyed dozens of buildings, officials is quoted as saying today.

“People are really scared right now,” said Claudia Meneses, who was at work in a clinic in a Mexico City neighborhood when the quake hit, Reuters reported. She said that as she saw a nearby building collapse, she rushed outside to help those who might have been affected.


Panicked residents were forced to leave belongings behind as they escaped buildings in danger of collapse.

“We got out really fast, leaving everything as it was and just left,” Rosaura Suarez, a local resident, told Reuters.

Mexico City’s metro and public transport systems announced they were offering free rides to passengers on all lines.

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