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TC Awagu; Adeleke; Teniola; Coker; Ojobo; Ogunsanya; Olawore; Adefulu; Famutimi; Olawale-Cole, NBCC Council Member; and Ananyi at Break-fast meeting organised by British Chamber of Commerce in Lagos

“Access To Broadband Should Be A Human Right”

Multiple taxation, right of way issues and Telecom infrastructure vandalism are threats to internet access



Access to high speed internet or broadband should be a human right and free to everyone, according to managing director of Airtel Nigeria.  Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, says it committed to creating favorable environment for business


Mr Segun Ogunsanyan said this at a Breakfast Meeting organised by the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce on Thursday in Lagos.

According to him, ”data is life” because access to internet offers opportunities and  news possibilities to everyone in the cyberspace, adding that these development windows should be free to everyone without hindrances.

According to him, government should create free Wireless Fedility (WiFi) Hot Spots in the cities across the nation as it is done in most part of the world. Free Hot Spots in a public places would afford youths uninterrupted  high speed internet access.

According to him, multiple taxation, Right of Way issues and local communities many levies are threat to broadband penetration and access.


Placing multiple levies on service providers for Right of Way for broadband cables is a burden comparable to killing businesses at bud or early stage, he said.

He explained that government at all levels including local communities would generate more revenues from many businesses that could evolve from robust broadband access . Present heavy charges end up stiffing growth of the sector.

IT NEWS NIGERIA gathered according to him, that Nigeria road construction and design should incorporate ducts where telecoms operators could pass broadband cables for a fee. The duct should be considerably deep enough to prevent interference and damage.

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“constructing a road,they should include ducts so that anyone laying a cable would pay and pass cable.”

The current scenario where individual operators are laying cables at both sides of the road often lead to cut and service disruption.



Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting Thursday in Lagos

Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, says it committed to creating favorable environment for business.
According o Director of Public Affairs at NCC, Tony Ojobo, if the risk element in the environment is reduced people can make more investment.

He explained that Executive Vice Chairman of NCC has made presentation to Governors Forum as regards the issues of multiple taxation with a strong case that present activities cannot lead the country anywhere.

“If you tax businesses before coming onboard it cannot grow”, he said, adding NCC is confident that when governors sign the documents relation to right of way issues Nigeria will eliminate multiple taxation.


Association of Telecoms Companies of Nigeria Chairman, Mr Olusola Teniola said government created the impression that telecoms is a cash cow but in reality that is not true.

He said ordinarily, Governments across board ought to lead the way in promoting broadband access as against acting as impediments to nationwide roll-out.

IT NEWS NIGERIA gathered at the event that there should be incentives for operators to invest in the rural areas because revenue might be lower than investment cost in the local communities. Prevailing civil costs, social unrest act vast not only barriers but also increase cost of taking fibre cable to the hinterlands.

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