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President Buhari Trusting Loyalty Over Competence Bad Fate For Nigeria – OneVoice


Civil society group, OneVoice laments that the obvious evidence that President Mohammadu Buhari still keep incompetent cabinet ministers in office simply because they are loyal is bad fate for Nigeria.
Pastor Adedeji Adeleye, Chair, Onevoive Media Committee said this while speaking at media chat organised by Hurilaw & OneVoice on 28 june in Lagos.
According to him, the reckless loss of lives and wantom killing by Fulani Herds men are share examples of incompetence yet persons in charge of security are still sitting tight in office.
Speaking on the theme: ‘Threat to Democracy and Expectations for 2019 General Elections in Nigeria’, Mr. Adedeji lamented that it is not goiod for the country that its president should loyal of ministers over their competence and the result is what the citizens are suffering.
” The monstrocity with which Fulani herdsmen continue to massacre innocent Nigerians in hundreds and thousands cause for grave concerns. Added to this are still the rampaging Boko Haram insurgency in the North East. The worsening, spread of these killings portend dangers not only to our fragile democracy but also to the success and outcome of 2019 general elections,” he added.
Speaking further, he said ” if the Plateau State government or Berom people were to return 300 cattles which the Miytti Allah cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria, allegedly claimed were rustled from cattle herdsers, will the Miyetti Allah members who kill for cattle be able to return back to life, even one of the over 100 souls murdered in place of the “stollen” cattle?”
President’s security and legal arms have srong lead about the killing of over 100 Nigerians yet theyrefused to intervene, he laments, adding, this is unheard of for a sitting government.

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