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Latest From Accelerate TV: Tamara Shares Her “Hot Takes” on Oloni Twitter Thread


*All is fair in Love and War?  Tamara Shares her “Hot takes” on the Recent Oloni Twitter Thread on This Episode of Yellow Wall

Few weeks ago, Twitter was raving over the Oloni’s thread that had women sharing screenshots of the long text messages they have sent to past or present partners and either  being ignored or getting the most random messages as replies.

Host of the Accelerate TV Yellow Wall; Tamara; shares her “helpful” tips of how to know if you are in the right situationship or relationship to send such long messages.

Watch as Tamara’s drops nuggets on why you should block and walk away from a partner that treats you badly and how to identify a wrong partner.

Watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb0Hz_xrrcQ

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