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NCC’s milestones since 2015(11): Licensing of 10 VAS aggregators, Regularising Commercial Satellite Operations


Following the development of its Value-Added Service (VAS) Aggregator Framework for the telecoms VAS segment, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), in 2019, awarded the VAS Aggregator licences to 10 companies to provide aggregator services. The award of such licences is expected to boost the competitiveness of telecoms VAS segment. The framework will also help to unlock the huge potential of the telecoms VAS market, which has been estimated to be worth $500 million in the next few years. The VAS Aggregator licensees are I-Cell Multimedia Limited, Nina-Jojer Limited, 21st Century Technologies Limited, Nitroswitch Limited, HML Consulting Limited, Iykejordan Limited, Cognys Systems Limited, Perpetual Communications Limited, Mobile Intelligence Limited and Aerandir Technologies Nigeria Limited.

In line with the relevant provisions of the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA), 2003, the Commission, in 2019, finally regularised the activities of all commercial satellite operators including space station operators and earth station operators. It also issued Landing Permits to Space Stations beaming signals over Nigerian territory. In June, 2019, the Commission granted its first-ever landing right permit (licence for satellite internet) to Avanti Communications Groups Plc, a United Kingdom-based satellite operator, for hosting of its HYLAS 4 Satellite specie segment over Nigerian territory. The landing permit, which was the first of its kind in satellite communications in Nigeria, implies authorisation that allows operators to beam its signal over the territorial integrity of a country.

Chief Regulatory Officer of Avanti, Ann Vandenbroucke, stated during the granting of the permit by the Commission that the deployment of the satellite would enable immediate broadband access and faster internet services to Nigerians, saying the permit was a big step forward for Nigeria and its economy. The company further stated that it was “attracted to invest in Nigeria because of the stable and predictable regulatory environment.”

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