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Telecoms Regulation Under Coronavirus Pandemic: The Indian Approach

IT News Nigeria:

India replaces ringing tone with coronavirus prevention messages and it has so far recorded fewer infections than many nations

Indian telecoms regulator requests that all mobile networks play a minimum 30-second information alert about coronavirus before the start of every phone call and the result is impressive.

According to reports, the message, in English, begins with a person coughing and is heard instead of a ringing tone by the caller.

It contains information about the virus and its symptoms, and is heard only by the caller – it is not a default handset ringtone.

Service providers including Jio, BSNL and Vodafone are among those to have adopted the move after a request from the government.

The virus has killed over 7000 persons globally while three cases of the virus have been confirmed in Nigeria.

IT News Nigeria gathered according to BBC that the initiative introduced March 9 has been impressive in spreading life safeguards information among 1.3 billion population and”It has helped people understand a bit more about the symptoms and what to do if they have them.”

India has recorded a total of 147 coronavirus cases as at now, very low spread relative to its population.

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