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Covid-19: Madagascar cure and Imperialist wickedness

OPINION: By Cyriacus Nnaji, a Media Practitioner


While the world especially the developed nations led by China, the originator of the Corona virus, Britain, America, et all, were frantically searching for a cure for Covid-19, a tiny African nation, Madagascar, wowed the entire word with a drug entirely home grown which has been clinically certified to be highly efficacious for the treatment of the disease.

To append national authority on the drug, the president of that country while unveiling the medicine drank it and encouraged his people to use the medicine for  Coronavirus disease both for prevention and cure.

With this in mind Madagascans were asked to go back to work just as social activities have also come alive ultimately.

Reminded also that truly independent countries of Africa have commenced collaborations with Madagascar with the objectives of producing the Coronavirus magic drug for their various countries.

This is aside, President Trump’s rumoured approval of $2.5m for Madagascar to enhance their research efforts and production of the Covid-19 drug.

Yet up till now the World Health Organisation (WHO) has feigned ignorance of the efficacy of Madagascar Covid-19 drug. They were taken aback by the overdose of technical knockout meted out to the world body and her cronies by Madagascar. They should have known that the world has changed and would continue to change especially with the incalculable damage brought about by Covid-19 era.

Indeed as a child that has refused to disengage her lips from the nipples of her mother’s breasts, Nigeria has continued to follow the footsteps of her imperialist masters, and must wait until help comes from either Europe, America or China.

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Whether you like it or not, the law of empirical evidence must carry the day. We are talking about result and not laboratory procedures, even though it is good, but this is an emergency situation that requires urgent remedy.

And this is part of the reason Nigeria has refused to look inwards for local cure for any disease ravaging her people.

Nigeria has several scientists, doctors, researchers, pharmacist, universities, but they are left to rotten and die with their knowledge untapped by the nation that sent them to schools for those knowledge.

Today we are still concerned with ventilators, isolation centres and others when Madagascar has gotten a cure. Why are we not talking about how to bring drugs from that country to cure our people. Senegal has developed testing kits that are very cheap, why are we not partnering with them, why are we always in love with billions, why are we in love with contracts that run into billions. Why do we do things that attract suspicion especially at this period of information age, where even your thoughts are in public view?

In as much as the government is trying to contain the pandemic, there is room for improvement. Our government must be down to earth, there should be no politics and nothing should be done for self gain.

As the pandemic continues its onslaught, we must look for solutions no matter whose ox is gored. We must not appear to be looking for those that can pamper us. The nation must be bold and daring.

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The earlier we kick out Covid-19 the better and that is why we must seek for a panacea that is result oriented.

Waiting for vaccine when their is already a cure somewhere would mean shooting ourselves in the foot and would amount to insincerity.

Our people are dying, no palliatives, some states will soon run out of bed spaces, yet we are waiting for vaccine and even enacting a law for compulsory vaccine that is still in its formative stage, this is sad. A real bull shit. It is anachronistic, unimaginable and runs contrary to decency. We must shun corruption and any elements of corruption in the search for Covid-19 cure.

Let Nigeria be a truly independent country by doing her things her own way, that is the only way we can beat our chests and say we have achieved our collective dream and that is the only way we can win this raging fight against Covid-19.

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