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NCC’s FAQs on Internet Use(1):How do I monitor and limit data usage on an Android phone?

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In response to surge in the number of complaints from consumers regarding Data Depletion and Poor Quality of Data services, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) released comprehensive answers to the frequently asked question (FAQs) on the use of internet.

According to a statement pasted on its Tweeter page and signed by Dr. Henry Nkemadu, Director, Public Affairs at NCC, the Commission said this is in line with its mandate of Protecting, Informing and Educating consumers, adding that, these answers were the result of thorough  investigations on the common complaints from mobile users in order to ensure resolution as necessary.

NCC said “we also believe that it is necessary to empower consumers with information on data consumption and usage to enable them get better value from their data subscriptions and to get prompt redress where necessary.”

These FAQs by NCC will appear in series on IT News Nigeria beginning with monitoring and limiting data usage on an Android phone.

How to monitor and limit data usage on an Android phone:


If you have Android 8.0 or later, your phone should come equipped with Data Saver mode, which kicks in when you are not on Wi-Fi and ensures that apps and services that are not being actively used won’t be able to stream data in the background.

It is very easy to turn Data Saver mode on and off. To do this,

● Go to Settings

● Go to “Network & internet” > “Data usage”

● Select “Data Saver.” Toggle “Use Data Saver” on.

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There may be specific apps that you want to allow to use background data, even when Data Saver mode is on. For example, you may want to get Twitter notifications no matter where you are. To do this,

▪ Go to the “Data Saver” page (see above)

▪ Tap on “Unrestricted data”

▪Scroll down to any apps that you want to enable for background data use even when Data Saver mode is on. Toggle them on.


You can set your phone to issue a warning if you’re nearing your data limit before the end of your monthly billing cycle. You can even set a limit beyond which your phone will not use any data. To do this,

▪ Go to Settings

▪ Go to “Network & internet” > “Data usage” > “Data warning & limit”

▪ Tap on “App data usage cycle.” This will let you set the day that your account starts it’s monthly cycle.

▪ Back up and toggle “Set data warning” on. You can then enter the data limit – say, 4GB — that you want for your phone.

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