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Safer for the Earth: 5G 10 times faster, saves 20% more energy – Huawei

IT News Nigeria:


Huawei has revealed that 5G technology is safer for the planet that in terms curbing effects of climate change as the fifth generation innovation is 1o times faster 4G and saves 20 per cent more energy than the current industry  standard.

In a series twits, @Huawei said Technology’s goal is to improve lives and connect humanity.

“5G is more than 10 times faster than 4G, but saves 20% more energy than the industry average. Follow us to find out why 5G isn’t just faster, it’s better for the planet.” 

Huawei is repeatedly accused of being owned or funded by the Chinese government. It said the truth is, Huawei is a private company & is 100% employee-owned. Watch the video for the facts, so next time you hear someone say #Huawei is state-funded, you’ll know those allegations aren’t true.

In a series of twits, the technology firm said: What have we learned from the current pandemic? Global cooperation & trust in tech are crucial for overcoming such crises. Digital Business Innovation Srl Founder & CEO @antgrasso summarizes his chat with #Huawei Deputy Chairman @KenHu_Huawei  on these topics.

People should be the focal point of every design. When uniting art & tech, we value creative innovations that have a human touch & help us convey our love for the people we care about most.

Chinese law forces #Huawei to spy, right? Wrong. Legal experts agree no such law exists. Some U.S. laws let the government conduct surveillance — anywhere in the world. But no Chinese law can force Huawei to hack your network.

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Researchers judge 34% of #Huawei’s #5G standard-essential patents to be “core” patents, representing by far the best hit rate among the industry’s top 6 players. #HuaweiFacts

If you don’t know why the U.S. targeting of #Huawei has nothing to do with cybersecurity & everything to do with stopping the company from dominating the world’s networks with its leading #5G architecture & equipment, this article is for you. #HuaweiFacts

#Huawei has more than 85,000 active patents. Over the past 30 years, the company’s paid over US$6 billion in patent fees to legally use other companies’ patents. So is Huawei really a thief? What’s your conclusion?

Back in December, Huawei launched its 5G Innovation and Experience Centre in London to promote greater collaboration between businesses and innovators in the development of 5G ecosystems.

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