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COVID-19: Tension rises as Nigeria hits daily record 1145 new cases

COVID-19: The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC has confirmed 1145 new cases of Coronavirus in the country, bringing all time cases to 76, 207. But out of the 76,207 all time cases, 67, 110  patients have been treated successfully and discharged, while  1201 others could not make it alive. Active cases in Nigeria has now risen to 7896.


Breakdown of the new cases is as follows, Lagos-459,  FCT-145, Kaduna-138,  Plateau-80,  Katsina-70,  Gombe-52,  Niger-31,  Kano-23,  Bayelsa-21,  Bauchi-18,  Ondo-18,  Rivers-17,  Ogun-12,  Oyo-12,  Edo-8,  Nasarawa-8, Ebonyi-7,  Osun-6,  Ekiti-5,  Kebbi-5,  Borno-4, Jigawa-3,  Akwa Ibom-2,  Anambra-1, making a total of 1145 new cases.

“NCDC@NCDCgov1,145 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-459,  FCT-145, Kaduna-138,  Plateau-80,  Katsina-70,  Gombe-52,  Niger-31,  Kano-23,  Bayelsa-21,  Bauchi-18,  Ondo-18,  Rivers-17,  Ogun-12,  Oyo-12,  Edo-8,  Nasarawa-8, Ebonyi-7,  Osun-6,  Ekiti-5,  Kebbi-5,  Borno-4, Jigawa-3,  Akwa Ibom-2,  Anambra-1;  76,207 confirmed; 67, 110 discharged; 1201 deaths”, the NCDC has announced.

There are now 74, 728, 558 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, 1,657,834 patients have been killed by the virus, while 42, 196, 233 others have been treated successfully and discharged. There are now 30, 874, 491 active cases of Coronavirus, the Centre for Systems Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland has reported.

According to the centre, the United States remains the most afflicted country, reporting  17, 149,231 all time cases,  309, 947 deaths and 263,608 new cases , followed by India, which has reported  9, 956, 557 all time cases,  144, 451 deaths, while 9, 489, 740 patients have recovered, leaving India with 322, 366 active cases of Coronavirus(24, 010 new cases) and Brazil which has reported  7, 040, 608 confirmed cases,  183, 735 deaths, while 6, 239, 192 others have recovered, leaving Brazil with 617, 681 active cases of Coronavirus(70, 574 new cases).

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Russia remains the 4th country most afflicted, reporting  2, 736, 727 all time cases,  48, 568 deaths and  2, 181, 696 recoveries, leaving Russia with 506, 463 active cases of Coronavirus(27, 787 new cases), followed by France which has documented 2, 483, 380 confirmations, 59, 730 deaths, while  187, 199 others have recovered, leaving France with 2, 236, 451 patients still sick, hoping for the best of medical care to keep living(18, 358 new cases) and Turkey, which has documented  1, 955, 680 all time cases,  17, 364 patients are no more, while  1, 721, 607 others have recovered, leaving Turkey with 216, 709 active cases of Coronavirus(27, 515 new cases).

The United Kingdom has come up as the 7th country most afflicted, reporting 1, 954, 268 all time cases, 66, 150 deaths, while only 4, 123 patients have recovered since the first case of Coronavirus was recorded , leaving the UK with 1, 883, 995 patients still very sick, praying for divine intervention to come out alive(35, 539 new cases),  followed by  Italy, which has reported  1, 906, 377 all time infections,  67, 220 deaths, while 1, 203, 814 others have been treated successfully and discharged, leaving Italy with 635, 343 active cases of Coronavirus(18, 233 new cases) and Spain which has posted  1, 785, 421 all time infections,   48, 777 deaths and 150, 376 recoveries, leaving Spain with 1, 586, 268 active cases of Coronavirus(12, 131 new cases).

Argentina remains the 10th country worst hit, reporting 1, 517, 046 confirmations,  41, 365 deaths and  1, 347, 914 recoveries, leaving Argentina with 127, 767 active cases of Coronavirus(6,843 new cases) and South Africa(18th) country most hit by the virus, reporting  892, 813 all time cases, 24, 011 deaths and  780, 313 recoveries, leaving South Africa with 88, 489 active cases of Coronavirus(9,126 new cases). – STARCONNECT MEDIA

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