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Crowdyvest exits EMFATO Holdings, announces new CEO

Crowdyvest says it is departing from parent EMFATO Holdings as a result of new investments into the startup to grow as a digital savings company in Nigeria


IT News Nigeria:

EMFATO Holdings today unveiled Crowdyvest as a separate company with Tope Omotolani as the new Chief Executive Officer, according to a release.

It added that the move is in response to a new investments into the startup to enable it grow as a digital savings company in Nigeria.

EMFATO Holdings is the owners of Farmcrowdy and investors in Plentywaka. Crowdyvest was among them until today.

The statement also said Crowdyvest, launched just over a year ago, has over 10,000 members who have used opportunities on it’s platform to sponsor projects in Agriculture, Real Estate, Transportation, Health and Education sectors.

IT News Nigeria gathered that the company, previously led by its Co-founder & CEO, Mr. Onyeka Akumah, today, along with the new investment, effected a change in its management with Tope Omotolani to become it’s new CEO.

Onyeka Akumah also assured that the change in leadership will not affect the management and staff of Crowdyvest as they will all be retained but there will be a new way Crowdyvest will operate. The one-year old startup will set its sights on becoming a leading digital wealth and savings management company focused on a closed-community savings model under Tope Omotolani’s leadership, he added.

“I have taken this decision to move on as the CEO of Crowdyvest as a result of the new investment in the company which provides opportunities for proper scale in the coming months. Today, Crowdyvest will also exit fully from EMFATO Holdings and we are very happy about the new investors and to see how Tope will lead this business to new heights. Now, I can focus my energy on leading Farmcrowdy and Plentywaka as CEO of both companies into new markets in 2021”, he said.

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We also learned that with this change, Crowdyvest will no longer be an open crowdfunding platform. An all new Crowdyvest led by Temitope Omotolani will enter the Fintech industry fully with the launch of the Crowdyvest Savings Platform which gives savings options to over 10,000 subscribed users. This savings platform will give its users a variety of plans to help build a savings culture based entirely on their pace, so they can reach their life goals faster. Tope Omotolani will now lead the fintech company, Crowdyvest to become a leading savings platform in Nigeria.

Every saver enjoys the benefits of high-interest rates from 12.5% to 15%, zero bank charges, plans tailored for everyone, and effective and prompt customer service. For more information, visit the Crowdyvest website.

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