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Totally leaving Nigeria: Shoprite exit ignites Twitter amidst new protests

Shoprite has announced that it has concluded plans to leave Nigeria before the end of 2021 amidts staff protest for no   severance pay, according news trending online.


IT News Nigeria

 Eye witnesses said there are NSCDC and police officers all over Shoprite now. Previous days had Shoprite staff silently protesting amidst locked entrance. The staff deserve their pay off. Truth is, Nigeria is a tough place to do business. Harsh financial policies, no power supply, people react angrily. .

“Shoprite added that the management was in the process of concluding a franchise agreement for the Shoprite brand to remain in Nigeria as well as an administration and services agreement to provide support to the new shareholders with operating the outlets.”


Others blame the bad economy: Who in his right mind will want to invest in a country like Nigeria at this dispensation? Makes me wonder what the state of the country will be in 2 years time.

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