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China leads in new AI patent with 390,000

China has dominated in worldwide AI patent applications with 74.7%


China says it has obtaineda total of 390,000 artificial intelligence (AI) patent applications, ranking first place in the world and accounting for 74.7 percent of the world’s total of 520,000.

This revelation is according CGTN the China Artificial Intelligence Development Report 2020 released on Sunday during the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Conference 2020 held in Suzhou, east China.

It added that China leads the world in scientific research output in more than 10 AI sub-fields, including natural language processing, chip technology and machine learning. However the country still needs to catch up in human-computer interaction, knowledge engineering, robotics, computer graphics and computing theory. In the next decade, AI study will focus on key areas such as reinforcement learning, knowledge mapping, and intelligent robots.

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