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Mitsubishi announces new “optimaX” Digital Service Platform

Mitsubishi says “optimaX” Service Platform to Optimize Operations and Maintenance for Critical Infrastructure such as Industrial Plants and Transportation Systems


IT News Nigeria:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering Ltd. (MHIENG), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, is to begin offering “optimaX”, a digital service platform to comprehensively support operations and maintenance of transportation systems, industrial plants, and other types of social infrastructure.

This new service consolidates into a single package the range of digital services MHIENG has offered up to now in such fields as urban transportation systems and CO2 recovery facilities, further expanding market applications as a solution to resolve issues related to the operation and maintenance of the various types of infrastructure that support environmental protections and social life.

The introduction of optimaX provides the following benefits:
1. Improve availability of the facilities: Minimization of downtime by detecting signs of breakdown or malfunction and conducting preventive maintenance; Optimization of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), MKBF (Mean Kilometers Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).(1)
2. Optimized operations and maintenance costs, and resources: Operational efficiency, fewer maintenance personnel, inventory optimization for spare parts.
3. Safety improvements and accident prevention: Optimization of regular maintenance (preventive maintenance) to prevent breakdown or malfunction.
4. Enhanced cyber security: Incorporates MHI’s proprietary InteRSePT technology.

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