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Zoom boost end to end security
Zoom security and privacy credentials were called in to questions in a series of incidents

3 Ways to Secure your Zoom Meetings

ZOOM: Zoom’s video communications platform provides you with numerous secure video conference features to ensure your meetings are protected and include only the desired participants. One of the most popular security components of Zoom Meetings is the Waiting Rooms feature.


The Waiting Room is just like it sounds: It’s a virtual staging area that prevents people from joining a meeting until the host is ready. Meeting hosts can customize the Waiting Room settings to gain further control over which participants join a specific meeting and when.

When it comes to video conferencing security best practices, Waiting Rooms are extremely useful for protecting meetings that have external participants, including when:

  • Medical professionals host multiple telehealth appointments
  • HR departments or hiring managers conduct numerous first-round video interviews
  • Business professionals use their Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for all their meetings 

Waiting Rooms are especially beneficial for securing meetings that use your PMI because they provide added visibility into who’s trying to join. (More on that below!) Zoom Rooms also support the Waiting Rooms feature.

As a meeting host, you can customize the title, logo, and message that appear in the Waiting Room, which lets waiting participants know they are in the right place. You can even send a personalized message to those in the Waiting Room, either to individual users on desktop and mobile or to all Waiting Room attendees. 

So how do you capitalize on all these capabilities? By enabling Waiting Rooms in your Zoom account:

  1. Sign in to your account in the Zoom Web Portal and access the Settings tab. 
  2. Click on the In Meeting (Advanced) option.
  3. Search or scroll to find the Waiting Room option. 
  4. Toggle the button next to the Waiting Room to enable this feature.
  5. After enabling the Waiting Room feature, you can choose to send all participants to the Waiting Room when they join or to send only guest participants (external accounts) to the Waiting Room. You can also allow other internal participants to admit guests from the Waiting Room if the host is not yet in the meeting.-
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