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How President Buhari’s latest tweet sets Twitter on fire

Some citizens have reacted angrily following what they consider a threat to the South East 50 years after the civil war in latest Twitter update by President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic Nigeria, Muhammedu Buhari earlier today.


There have been reports of killings and setting on fire INEC and police posts in Imo State and across the region. Mr President said it is time to put an end to the ongoing mayhem.

Twitter users are concerned that President’s wordings set the tone for further escalations and deaths rather than bring peace to the old Biafra region.

Many berated the President for not tackling the issues at hand systematically especially dialoguing with aggrieved Nigerians rather than issuing threats. Some others carpeted @MBuhari who once appealed to bandits.

Why are people angry about Buhari tweet?

Mr president is quoted as saying that:

This didn’t go down well with a number of citizens online.

Mitchell Obama said “No head of state has moved the dial as much as Buhari in terms of divisive language and heated rhetoric in the post-Civil War history of Nigeria. This is just another example. It may be a Freudian slip, a case of forgetting the office he occupies. Or just living his best life.”

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Continuing, he said:

@renoomokri said “Exactly a month ago, General @MBuhari was “appealing” to herdsmen and bandits to stop their acts of terror. A month later, another Buhari is threatening the Southeast with Nigerian Civil War 2 How can one man have strikingly different reactions to similar events?”

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