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Countries compete for Russia’s new Sukhoi Su57 fighters

Russia has said about 5 countries are falling over each other to acquire its cutting edge fifth-generation Su-57 fighter


The Sukhoi Su-57 is a stealth, fifth-gen multi-role aircraft designated to take out different targets including air, ground, and naval and it comes equipped with advanced stealth technology, which ensures a low level of radar and infrared signature with supersonic cruising speed.

Rosoboronexport Director General, Alexander Mikheev is quoted as saying to the media Tuesday: “We conduct negotiations with several countries, there are requests, and we see interest … [including from] the Southeast Asia … Four or five countries are interested.”

Mr. Mikheev did not detail on the five nations that could be vying for the Russian fifth-gen jets, it is widely speculated that Algeria, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, India and Myanmar could be some of its top contenders.

Russia has said the Su-57 is its response to the US’ stealth fighters( F-22 and F-35.) So, it is more than coincidence that Sukhoi’s number 57 is combined from the names of two US jets — F-22 + F-35 = Su- 57.

Su57 is armed with hypersonic missiles, the first of its kind. The most advanced Russian killing machine has acquire war in Syria campaign.

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