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IdeaHub series: Huawei to leverage TD Africa’s reach with new Enterprise product

Huawei, a leading multinational technology company has partnered with TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest tech, solutions and lifestyle distributor to unveil the IdeaHub series products, a cutting-edge solution targeting the Enterprise market


IT News Nigeria:

The revolutionary products were unveiled at a launch event held on Friday, June 4, 2021 at the Tech Experience Centre, located at 13 Idowu Martins, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Huawei IdeaHub series is an intelligent endpoint which integrates multiple functions, including multi-screen collaboration between mobiles and PCs, interactive whiteboard, remote collaboration, FHD video conferencing and built-in HD AppGallery, Furthermore, the IdeaHub is a brand new productivity tool designed by Huawei to create an all-scenario smart office. It aims to bring digital to every meeting room and open office, promoting office and production efficiency for enterprises in need of the most advanced networking infrastructure needs.

Users can choose from a wide range of IdeaHub products. Huawei IdeaHub has six models divided into three series. They include the IdeaHub S 65″/86″, IdeaHub Pro 65″/86″, and IdeaHub Enterprise 65″/86″ customized for industry scenarios.

Also, the Huawei IdeaHub Series offers both 65-inch and 86-inch options. It can be installed on a mobile stand or wall in a variety of environments, including enterprise conference rooms, executive board rooms, open office, and even home office rooms. Its excellent performance and flexible deployment provide an intelligent office and team collaboration for every working space. 

IdealHub Enterprise

Huawei IdeaHub debuts multiple cutting-edge technologies of the industry, such as intelligent display, intelligent handwriting recognition, acoustic baffle and speaker tracking. In addition, its built-in AppGallery creates a wide range of benefits. First, they aggregate massive enterprise office and production applications. Second, they satisfy the enterprises demands of collaborative offices, R&D, and production. Finally, they support low-cost and easy deployment and use.

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Further elevating the utility of the Huawei IdeaHub is a dual-chip kernel developed by Huawei to provide powerful graphics and AI processing capabilities. It has a 4K touchscreen with a precision of ±0.1 mm and its professional 4K camera supports ultra-HD video of 4K 30 FPS. The 12 microphone arrays pick up sound within 8 m and have 0.5° source localization for sounds. In addition, a powerful hardware configuration coupled with a sleek technical design sets a new trend for enterprise upgrades of intelligent offices.

The IdeaHub series will appeal to a burgeoning Enterprise market in Nigeria and beyond, which Huawei hopes to access through TD Africa’s wide reach and growing partner database. 

The innovation mirrors Huawei’s all-scenario smart office strategy – 1+3+X, which provides enterprise users a new productivity tool to actualize this smart office. 

Further illustrated, 1 indicates the office digitization and enterprise reconstruction based on Huawei Unified Platform on Huawei Cloud or On-Premise deployment; 3 refers to three types of intelligent collaboration endpoints: the first type is the video conferencing endpoints ranked No. 1 in the Chinese market for seven consecutive years, the second is the newly released IdeaHub series, which is designed for team collaboration and the third is the Intelligent Desktop series, which will be available in coming months; while X represents open cooperation and ecosystem construction for both software and hardware.

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