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Easy way to make money online

Internet is fast eliminating persons to persons contact and it is booming with easy way to make money online in a virtually borderless world


IT News Nigeria:

The new ways, however, requires forward thinking and innovative mind set that must shy away from orthodox or established processes. The Internet has become a carrier platform to make money through the following:

1 Drop shipping

According to Wikipedia, Drop shipping is a way to sell to users without having contact with products or producers. It is a type products retailing where the seller accepts  orders from customers but does not keep goods sold in stock. The retailer however transfers the orders and their shipment details to either the manufacturer, a wholesaler, another retailer, which then ships the goods directly to the customer.

The retailers market and sell the products but they do not store or have access t to it. as a result, they may not know whether the product is fake or genuine. The retailers also incur no costs in handling charges or stocking.

However, Drop shipping is not without drawbacks. There are concerns about scam where criminals promote drop shipping as a lucrative “work from home opportunity” where victims will be sold a list of businesses from which drop shipment orders can be placed. But law enforcements across borders are alert to stave off the internet hawks.

2. YouTube Channel as easy way to make money

YouTube Channel has democratized the process of becoming rich when individuals unleash their creativities in making appealing videos. A persons can continue to earn from his video content throughout entire time and beyond as the rights to successful videos are passed to family or others. There’s no end to it. So YouTube is one of the greatest channels to showcase personal and commercial videos contents. Earnings are based on number of view.

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Easy way to start a YouTube channel includes:

Individual Google account comes with many tools including YouTube channel as shown above

  1. Register a personal Google account
  2. Registered Google account comes with readymade YouTube channel
  3. Click the YouTube on the dropdown above on any supporting devices like computer or smartphone
  4. Click on the video icon with plus sign inside to upload videos.

How to make money on YouTube

According to Google, you can make money on YouTube through Advertising revenue, Channel memberships and  Merch shelf. You begin by coming a YouTube Partner Program. Google also noted that you must have minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 verifiable watch hours.

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3. Become Online Vendour

Who is an online vendour? Someone who supplies or ideas, goods or services using online the internet. As buyers and services migrate online it has become a must for suppliers to go online too. A vendour sells products or services to another company or individual.

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