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Chinese new program to promote Mandarin in Nigeria

Chinese company has launched a new program called Choice International business school, aimed at promoting its Mandarin language speaking among businesses in Nigeria


IT News Nigeria:

The management of Choice International Group (CIG) has launched program to teach Mandarin, the second most spoken language after English, according to recent Report.

“Mandarin is the second most popular language in the world and China aimed to increase speakers in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.

Chinese mandarin
Mandarin training class in Lagos

The Chairman of the company Chief Diana Chen is quoted as saying that the first classroom section which kicked off with the learning of the Chinese Mandarin, urged participants to take their studies very seriously as it is an avenue to widen their scope of communication in the business world.

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Chen said the language spoken by 1.117 billion all over the world, and in breeching this gap of communication, the Chinese can understand the Nigerian people, their culture and values and Nigerians can understand the Chinese people, their culture and values.

CIG is the parent company of CIG Motors Ltd, GREE Air-conditioner and LONTOR E-home and it launched its branch of the Choice International business school in collaboration with Confucius institute at University of Lagos.

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