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Accra Institute of Technology graduates ninth batch of PhDs

The new graduation class comprised of 5 PhDs, 17 PhD Candidates, 13 Masters, and 116 Bachelor’s


IT News Nigeria:

The Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), a leading technology-focused private university held its 17th Graduation Ceremony this past weekend on the 18th of December 2021 at the Knowledge City Campus (KCC), Kokomlemle, Accra.

This event was witnessed by the deployment of current technology in facilitating a blended graduation experience wherein a majority of the undergraduate students joined in virtually via the Google Meet platform.

This batch’s graduation class comprised of 5 PhDs, 17 PhD Candidates, 13 Masters, and 116 Bachelor’s.

The total number of PhDs graduated at AIT continues to grow exponentially. To date, AIT has graduated nine batches of PhDs since 2016 bringing the total number to Fifty-four (54) in the fields of Engineering, Business Administration, Education, and Information Technology.

In a statement released by the University, this achievement spotlights a tremendous success not only in the history of the University but also in the annals of private university education in Ghana.

Professor Edward Ayensu, the Chairman of the AIT Board of Trustees in his address to the congregation, reported that efforts in all the directions towards the mission to deliver quality university education and facilitate cutting-edge research work at this University are proceeding according to plan.

He thus assured the Congregation, and all stakeholders, that AIT shall not relent in its efforts to ensure the full fulfillment of that vision.

The initial remarks by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees was followed by the Address of the President of AIT to the Board of Trustees and this Congregation. In a comprehensive account of his stewardship for the past year to the Board of Trustees and to the Congregation, Professor Clement Dzidonu, the President of AIT outlined among other things, great strides by the university in improving its academic program offerings as well as its enrollment on these programs considerably.

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He highlighted that AIT is currently doing Ph.D. research work in Engineering, Information Technology, Education, and Business Administration with an enrollment of a number of the academic and senior administrative staff of almost all the public and private universities in Ghana.

He underscored how achieving such a feat within the span of ten years is nothing short of an academic marvel given the fact that AIT has successfully offered, run, and graduated students on an internationally benchmarked Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree program within a context where the Ph.D. per capita of Ghana is extremely low.

He concluded his speech by encouraging the graduating class to avail themselves and make the best of all opportunities that may come their way after their graduation.

He assured those planning to pursue graduate studies at either the Master’s or the Ph.D. level of an enriched academic life and experience at AIT, should they choose to enroll with their Alma Mater.

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