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Kazakhstan Internet ignited unrest a warning to Nigeria?

As Nigeria Government warms up for yet again another petrol price increase, there are questions regarding any lessons learned from the ongoing violent protests which began across Kazakhstan in the first days of 2022. Reports have it that it started after fuel prices doubled in the resource-rich country while Kazak authorities fingered foreign interference for using internet to destabilize the nation.


The Central Asian nation responded by reportedly switching off the internet across Kazakhstan on Wednesday.

According to RT, protests began across Kazakhstan in the first days of 2022, after fuel prices doubled in the resource-rich country. The hikes followed the government’s decision to give up on the longtime price caps on liquefied petroleum gas(LPG).

There are questions as regards any lessons learned by Nigeria authorities as it pursues for further pump price increase in the face of hardships. But the organized union has a warning.

Nigeria Labour Congress, (NLC) has asked workers and other citizens to prepare for total war against fuel, electricity price hike.

President of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Ayuba Wabba said January 1, 2022 that workers and masses will not accept any further increase in the pump price of fuel in any disguise.

In a 9-page statement, NLC said  the government is not relenting in its determination to push through further increases in the pump price of petrol and which as usual had been dubbed as “removal of petrol subsidy”.

The Group said it has informed the government in very clear terms that Nigerians have suffered enough and will not endure more punishment by way of further petrol and electricity price increases.

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“Our position in this regard is predicated on four major grounds. First is our concern on the deceit and duplicity associated with the politics of “petrol price increase” by successive Nigerian governments. The truth is that the perennial increase by the government in the pump price of petrol is actually a transfer of government failure and inability to effectively govern to the poor masses of our country.

Meanwhile, The US has denied role in Kazakhstan uprising.White House says ‘crazy Russian claims’ of US instigating civil unrest in Central Asia are ‘absolutely false’

President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman has denied that the US government is behind the violent protests that have rocked Kazakhstan this week, claiming that unnamed “Russians” have falsely accused Washington of triggering the tumult.

“There are some crazy Russian claims about the US being behind this, so let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false and clearly a part of the standard Russian disinformation playbook,” she said.

Psaki didn’t specify who in Russia has alleged a American role in the Kazakhstan unrest. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said that it’s closely monitoring the protests and has called for a peaceful solution.

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