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Oshodi Underbridge Chess Project

Oshodi Underbridge Chess Project Kids now coding

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Oshodi Underbridge Chess Project Kids are now learning coding.

This was announced yesterday on twitter by Tunde Onakoya via his twitter handle . According to chessinslums.eth master, “Chess is not the end in itself, but a means to several ends.”

Recalled, the Underbridge Kids project produce Chess Champions in December 2021.

Tunde Onakoya’s @chessinslums (Chess In Slums Africa) partnered with @kidsthatcodeNG to give these kids a new hope and dream by unlocking their innate potentials into the world of technology through coding.

Chess In Slums Africa is an Non-Governmental & Nonprofit Organization that drives Chess educational resources & mentorship by teaching and unlocking potentials in kids especially the underprivileged.

“The Oshodi underbridge project is far from over and we will continue to leverage all the opportunities we can get to give the children a new lease of hope.” The tweet says.

KidsThatCode is an initiative that encourages kids to start coding early.

@kidsthatcodeNG twitter handle, it stated that they were excited to collaborate with chessinslums.eth to teach coding to beneficiaries of its outreaach. According to them, the partnership will see beneficiaries of chessinslums project coached and  equipped with the technological tools and vital skills needed to succeed in life.

According to @Tunde_OD of chessinlums.eth, Day 1 of the training saw the kids sparkling with excitement and curiousity. Some of them were using the computer for the first time and had to be taught the basics first. “The session was very interactive and they caught on really fast, ” the tweet says. 


The kids were able to use Microsoft Word, learn different command functions on the keyboard and the different operating systems just a few hours into the training .

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Chessinslums.eth also has a new home for the kids for the next one month where they will undergo rehabilitation, learn basic English vocabulary, take  chess lessons and attend coding classes. “they won’t be sleeping under oshodi bridge anymore”. The tweet says that @TechProd_Arch made this possible for the kids to have a roof over their heads.

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