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DMSI launches Accredital Job Matching Platform

DMSI says it has launched Accredital job matching platform to connect businesses with exceptional digital marketing professionals


IT News Nigeria:

Digital Marketing Skill Institute, a global leader in the education of Digital Skills has announced the launch of its newest product, Accredital, a platform that matches businesses both home and abroad with rigorously trained and tested digital marketing talents using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Accredital, the first of its kind, is quickly establishing itself as the job matching platform of choice by employers to hire digital marketing professionals. Using Artificial intelligence, employers are connected with only the best talents based on portfolio, relevance, and proximity which reduces the time, process and cost of hiring.

According to the Founder of Digital Marketing Skill Institute (DMSI), Tobi Asehinde, the creation of a technology platform like Accredital is a much-needed solution for businesses and hiring agencies who seek to connect with qualified and certified digital marketing professionals to speed up their recruiting process.

He further explained that, before Accredital, businesses and hiring agencies would have to go through the lengthy process of posting a job vacancy, waiting up to 2 weeks or more for a reasonable number of applicants to apply, which could be a waste of time if the applicants are not quality or out of budget. But with Accredital, you get immediate access to a pool of qualified digital marketing professionals that meets your needs and budget to hire right away.

When it comes to growing your business, hiring quality digital marketing candidates fast is key, why settle for anything lengthy, time consuming and stressful? Accredital makes hiring fast while saving you time and money.

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Accredital is one of the steps we are taking to actualize our mission of helping and empowering one million people by 2030 to start, grow, and scale wildly profitable businesses and careers using digital marketing across the globe. Getting exceptional digital marketing professionals should not be as difficult as it is right now for many businesses and employers. Digital marketing skills are in high demand globally so it is expedient that there be a platform to match this demand. A platform where businesses or recruiters can go on to hire digital marketing professionals fast and with ease” he stated.

He went further to add that Accredital takes away the painstaking process of researching, reviewing, and shortlisting candidates from recruiters as they are matched with only the best digital marketing talents with right skills and practical knowledge, consequently saving them time and other resources.

With over hundreds of digital marketing professionals already onboarded on the platform, the platform allows recruiters looking to hire digital marketers open a free account to kick-start the hassle-free process of hiring their digital marketing talent within a few days.

Mr. Asehinde narrated how a business owner was able to hire a digital marketing professional within just 3 days using Accredital. “He said  the business owner recently had a bad experience where their in-house digital marketer resigned without prior notice and they were struggling for weeks to put the job out there, contact recruitment firms, and get qualified candidates for the job. However, when they found the Accredital platform, they were able to recruit in less than 3 days a great fit for the digital marketing role”.

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He added, this is the kind of problem we are solving especially as every digital marketing talent onboarded on the Accredital platform has demonstrated excellent digital marketing abilities to help any organization succeed and has gone through rigorous training, has been tested and certified by Digital Marketing Skill Institute, a global leader in the education of digital skill.

Accredital is open to employers, businesses, recruiters, and anyone looking to hire digital marketing professionals. Simply visit www.accredital.com to open a free account and hire the best digital marketing talents within days.

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