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CNN Sets to Adopt New Strategy

CNN is set to dump Partisan Reporting in response to dismal viewership: “if talent cannot adjust to a less partisan tone and strategy, they could be ousted


IT News Nigeria:

Latest report has revealed that CNN is set to axe partisan hosts who cannot bend to new CEOs vision of balance reporting

There are strong indications that CNN’s new head Chris Licht is apparently “evaluating” the network’s on-air talent to see who does not fit into his vision.

According to Axios new channels, “if talent cannot adjust to a less partisan tone and strategy, they could be ousted.”

Licht’s drive to revamp CNN comes amid dismal viewership numbers among key demographics, as well as the failed launch of its branded service, CNN+.

Viewers are angry

“Who cares the entire Western media are given a transcript to read on a teleprompter and made to read the same thing. Switch to another network same news same style same cause. All there major news network same shit. The ones being alternative are sacked and humiliated and even murdered for god’s sake. America is truly run by facist, anyone against there opinion are shamed beaten or even killed,” Crisis eye man

“CNN is a crap news network. Its been shilling for the deep state for decades. It only became a problem when the cNN merged with the party system, deep state and billionaire boys club. You would get more honesty from a pathological liar because you expect a liar to tell lies,” Justin Steyn.

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