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Regulator fines ride-hailing company record $1.9bn

Regulator has hit ride-hailing giant with $1.19b over data security violations


IT News Nigeria:

The Chinese cyber security Watchdog fined Didi Global $1.19 billion on Thursday over data security and user privacy violations after a one-year review.

Authorities found 16 illegal activities committed by the ride-hailing giant, including the unlawful collection of screenshot information from users’ mobile phone albums and the excessive collection of user clipboard information.

It also found the company has collected passengers’ facial recognition information and their precise location when the app is running in the background.

Government said “Didi’s illegal operations have brought serious security risks to China’s key information infrastructure and data security,” according to an interview published alongside the ruling.

According to report, the violations had started as early as June 2015 and have lasted for seven years, defying regulatory instructions to rectify. Didi repeatedly violated the Cybersecurity Law implemented in June 2017, the Data Security Law implemented in September 2021, and the Personal Information Protection Law that came into effect in November 2021.

Regulators found that Didi has illegally processed a massive amount of over 64 billion pieces of personal information.

A statement following the fine said Didi Global accepts the decision sincerely and will conduct rectifications.

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