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5 New steps to Register and obtain International Passport online

Applicants have expressed frustrations on efforts to obtain international Passports. These disappointments often emanate from sheer lack of awareness on the official and approved procedures for applying for it. The consequence is that there is mounting victims of passport racketeering.


According to IT News Nigeria findings, there are key 5 steps intending applicants can register and obtain their international Passport online. It is worthy of note that an individual can obtain an International Passport within a space of 6 weeks with N26,000 only. Here are the the steps to obtain a passport without patronizing any official:

STEP 1: Register Online

You are to visit this registration portal, https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/pages/welcome and fill in the required details.

Please note that the standard passport (sometimes appears as standard e-passport) is for regular citizens, while official passport is for government officials & diplomats.

You are to fill in your personal details, contact details and next of kin details. Keying in these details will generate an ‘Application ID’ and ‘Reference Number’ for you. {Keep safe the ID and Reference}.

STEP 2: Payment

You are to pay online via card services

32 pages/5yrs – 25,000

64 pages/5yrs – 35,000

64 pages/10yrs – 70,000

Please also note that these amounts include service charge for online payment

STEP 3: Required documents

Passport office requires the following document to be presented by the applicants:  

A. Letter of ID from L.G/State of Origin ( For minors, both parents’ NIN and Passport Page will suffice)

B. NIN (Minors also require NIN)

C. Passport Application Form; this is the print out after completing step one above

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D. Passport Photograph ( you will require 2 passport photos)

E. Guarantor’s Form signed by commissioner of oath.

NOTE: An eligible guarantor is one with a valid International Passport. Below is link to access guarantor’s form: https://passport.immigration.gov.ng/search/VTJGc2RHVmtYMTkvb2M3QlN4YXNqaTZaNy9IRW5OeFNLZDhzZXJwU0Rxaz0%3D…)

After obtaining the guarantor’s form, go to a high court, and ask how you can get a commissioner for oaths stamp (less than N1,000) Or pay for one from the people doing affidavit to process it for you (it is about N1,500).

F. Print out acknowledgement slip & evidence of payment (from the site).

G. Get your Birth Certificate.

You are to go with both the originals and photocopy of all your documents. Immigration wants to see the originals, return it to you, and keep the photocopy.

STEP 4: Go Immigration office for submission and capturing

After registration and payment, you get an appointment date. Visit the office on that date to submit the documents you have gathered and get your biometrics captured.

THINGS TO NOTE about International passport capturing:

1. Don’t wear white: You will be captured against a white background

2. No coloured hair: You will be asked your hair colour during registration. So ensure your hair is as close to that chosen hair colour as possible

3. No bogus or dropping or fashion earrings

STEP 5: International Passport Collection

After capturing, your official counts begin. You will receive an SMS when it is ready after about say 4 weeks.

Track Passport progress

You can track your passport printing or production using your ID number and Reference number at https://track.immigration.gov.ng

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