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Peter Obi

Trending video: Tears as elderly woman knees and prays for Peter Obi

There were out pouring of emotions and tears as elderly woman on her knees prayed for @PeterObi for President at the Rwang Pam Stadium Jos, Plateau.


Labour Party Presidential flag bearer and former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi was in the city for the official kick off of 2023 campaign which begin today September 28, 2022.

The crowd chanted “Peter Obi has become the hope for the common Nigerian. God bless the Obidient Movement”. #PeterObiForPresident2023 #Obidatti023



Peter Obi was upbeat. He said: “My fellow Nigerians and OBIdients, I join you today as we mark the formal start of the 2023 campaign season. We must all reflect on the journey we are embarking upon. We seek a new nation, but to arrive there, we need prayers and courage”. #POinJos

“Our administration will ensure that Nigerians are fully protected in their homesteads: and that their lives, properties and means of livelihood will always be secured. That, after all, is the Primary Responsibility of government.”

“We have no other country but Nigeria and we must learn to respect each other, tolerate and do things accordingly in order to create an atmosphere that will usher in unity, progress and the greatness we were destined for from inception.”

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