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What is Twitter Blue Badge?

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Twitter new owner and serial investor, Elon Musk has raised dust online when he said individuals and  organisations must get verified the social media platform at  cost of $8 per month against former policy that said ‘Twitter does not sell the blue Verification badge’.

What is Blue Badge?

Blue Badge denotes that an existing account is fully verified on Twitter. The blue Verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.

Account is authentic if it is attached to a verifiable owner with confirmed identity with Twitter

Account is notable if it is associated with a prominently recognized individual or brand. And an account must be active with a record of adherence to the Twitter Rules.


How to apply for Twitter Verification

Step 1 : Navigate to more  icon in the main menu. 

Step 2: Select Settings and Support.

Step 3: Select  Settings and Privacy. 

Step 4: Select Your account.

Step 5: Select Account information. Enter in your password to continue. 

Step 6: Under Verified, select Request Verification.  Then Start request.


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