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Why NDPC Deepens Capacity in Data Journalism – Dr Olatunji

NDPC National Commissioner, Dr. Vincent Olatunji has said the Commission is deepening the knowledge base of journalists to enable robust reporting and avail media practitioners opportunities in data protection.



Olatunji was speaking during a capacity building workshop organised by the National Data Protection Commission for members of Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA), on Tuesday in Lagos.

He challenged the media to take advantage of covering the activities of the commission because it is a job creating sector.

While creating awareness on the importance of Data protection, reporters should also consider careers as Data Protection Officers (DPO).

According to him, in line with presidential mandate NDPC would create some 500,000 jobs in digital economy.


“In Nigeria we are talking about the data of 200m people in the country and have over 500,000 Data processors and controllers.

“Whereas those certified in data privacy are about 100,000 leaving a gap of over 400,000 which is really dangerous.

“As agents we want to protect their data and their interests and the qualified DPOs are not up to 10,000 we do not have enough skilled manpower that would serve as data protection experts.

“Journalist should think of having a second career in the sector and can work anywhere in the world go for further training, get certified which does not have anything to do with what one studied in the university,” he said.

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Job and wealth creation is key to processing, he said, adding that is what the commission keep saying and very soon portal will be opened for data processors and data controllers in Nigeria.

While recognizing the media as critical stakeholders, Olatunji said NDPC target is to build a globally competitive market in data protection in Nigeria.

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