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60% businesses at risk: Researchers say Microsoft Access is faulty

IT News Nigeria: Researchers have uncovered a error in Microsoft’s Access database application that , if could expose about to 60% businesses in of U.S. alone and more globally in not resolved. FORTUNE reports that the flaw, discovered by the team at Mimecast, could lead to the unintended disclosure of sensitive information. Mimecast estimates some 85,000 businesses are at risk. So ...

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ISPON calls for deliberate policy to encourage indigenous software, IT sector

IT NEWS NIGERIA: *Country needs regulatory framework that will not stifle technology growth  A critical look at Information Technology as a field of endeavor reveals that the most important ingredient for a successful (IT) industry is intellectual capital or knowledge and training of the population in the IT field. Moreover, there are several ways a nation could catalyze its IT ...

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Building Capacity Key To Nigeria Software Development – New ISPON Executive

IT NEWS NIGERIA: The newly elected Executives of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) have said building adequate human capacity is the only way to guarrantee Nigeria’s future in global multi-billion dollars software industry. Speaking to the Media in Lagos weekend, ISPON President, Dr. Yele Okeremi said this is the reason why the current National Executive Council’s agenda ...

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Nigeria: Seamfix Launches BioRegistra To Transform Data Management

Bioregistra enables individuals, companies and government capture, store and access data anytime anywhere in the world Fully automated process for seamless execution of all KYC A must for today’s business data solution in Nigeria   SEAMFIX, Nigeria’s leading provider of identity management solutions, today launched Bioregistra, an innovative data capture and data management platform.   Bioregistra is a state of ...

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Geopolitics: US Govt. Shutdown Russian Security software, Kaspersky

*The company says it is being used as a pawn in a geopolitical game   IT NEWS NIGERIA:   US Government has direct Department of Homeland Security to ensure all government departments and agencies remove all security software from the Russian company Kaspersky Lab from their IT systems, citing ties between company officials and the Russian intelligence services.   IT ...

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Google Chrome To Protect User From Fake Download Buttons

  Note this scenario: You are trying to find a download link for some freeware app, and the three largest buttons on the site that say “download” are all fake. Click on any of those, and your computer will probably get infested with malware. Now Google is trying to put an end to this with a new Chrome feature that ...

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