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Thought leadership: How investing in digital infrastructure can make the difference to Africa’s economic recovery

Amrote Abdella thought leadership for africa's economy

Thought leadership: Africa’s economy and Africa faces many challenges on its path to becoming a global economic competitor. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Africa’s development can either be a massive barrier to advancement – or, the spark that lights the fire of innovation and investment across the continent By Amrote Abdella, Regional Director: Microsoft 4Afrika There’s no denying ...

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What the Pandemic Means for Technology Acceleration

By Adam Lane As countries start to come out of lockdowns, or loosen other restrictions, what might the world look like and how might technology play a role? Education It looks like around the world some students will be going back to school earlier than others whilst some will be taking it in turns in order to ensure classrooms are ...

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COVID-19: The imperative of strategic communications in overcoming the challenges of Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria

By Francis Nwosu When the earliest Coronavirus (COVID-19) case was detected on November 17, 2019, in Hubei Province, Wuhan, China, little did the world know that it would be declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This was after Chinese authorities had tried to cover it up by muzzling the country’s scientific community that had warned of the ...

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SPECIAL REPORT: 5G, Telecoms Cell Towers and Public Health

5G in Nigeria

IT News Nigeria: *The arguments end at frequency and power spread There are misguided theories circulating on the internet linking 5G technology to COVID-19.  Contrary to these rumours, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever supporting any causal connection between the spread of COVID-19 and 4G, 5G or electromagnetic waves in general. According to a seven-year-long scientific STUDY published last month, ...

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Nigerian Youths: Harness Technology Power In Your Hands Now

*Technology has put great power into our hands … to positively and dramatically impact our prosperity *Google, 21st Century to provide free WiFi access in public spaces in Nigeria   Isaiah Onwuanumba: Nigeria Government has urged the youth to harness the power of technology in their hands ‘to play the defining role’ in global development and wealth creation. Vice President, ...

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Nigeria 30% Broadband Target: End in Sight to Right of Way Issues?

*Nigerian Government insists it is possible to hit 8% broadband in 6 months and that 54 million citizens must have access to high speed internet by year end   Isaiah Onwuanumba Apex industry regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has revealed that there is a solution in sight to the lingering Right-of-Way issues in the country and insists that 30% oof ...

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Curbing N127bn Cybersecurity Annual Losses Via Tardigrade’s ERA Roadmap

61 percent

With cyber attacks on the rise, organisations across the globe are contending with loss of reputation, loss of customers, potential financial liabilities, regulatory notification requirements and sometimes, litigation. To address this menace, however, Tardigrade, a Nollysoft’s Enterprise Risk Assessment (ERA) solution, has been identified by experts as a veritable roadmap that would provide better understanding of the cybersecurity space and ...

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OneVoice Outlines President Buhari’s Double Standards, Urges Fairness, Responsive Leadership

IT NEWS NIGERIA:IT NEWS NIGERIA: Civil Society Colaition, OneVoice has said the obvious double standard of President Mohamadu Buhari in handling issues of alledged corruption involving members of his team, insorbodination, rampaging Fulani herds men, and unresponsive leadership have further dampen the hopes of millions of Nigerians. Media Chairman of OneVoice Coalition, Pastor Adedeji Adeleye said this during a Media ...

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Nigerian Telecoms Sector: Reforms and New Policies Will Enable Sustained Growth


CONTRIBUTED:   The liberalisation of the Nigerian telecommunications sector almost two decades ago, catalysed and opened up the sector to local and foreign direct investment (FDI) estimated at over $68 billion as at November 2016. Telecommunications is currently considered a key sector that contributes to economic growth and one that can help lift Nigeria out of recession.   It has ...

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Restructuring: OneVOICE Calls On Civil Society Groups, Nigerians To Stand Up To National Assembly

  IT NEWS NIGERIA:   Civil society group, OneVOICE has today  called on well meaning Nigerians and other change advocacy bodies to reign on National Assembly for long overdue restructuring of the country.   In a passionate paper presentation at a Media Parley, Organized By OneVOICE at Centre for Constitutional Governance in Lagos, Pastor Adedeji Adeleye  said unless all Nigerians ...

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